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At Buddhi Software we provide a choice of open source ERP packages (Adempiere or Compiere) implementation. Adempiere and Compiere ERP packages have been developed over a decade and have been successfully implemented in several countries across the world. Both packages have been considered the most successful of all the Open Source ERP packages active today.

At Buddhi Software we customize and implement Adempiere ERP (an Open Source based ERP) product that provides the full featured functionality that clients need across various industries such as Infrastructure, Banking, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Services, Retail, Health Care etc. Typically the following modules are provided with generic functionality by Adempiere; Quote-to-Cash (Sales module), Requisition-to-Pay (Procurement Module), Manufacturing, HR, Finance and Accounting, Warehouse management and Inventory etc. The following additional features provide productivity enhancing functionality to the end user; Work flow, Email, SMS and Desktop Alerts, Notices, Data Import/Export, Multiple language, locale, and currencies, and Multiple tenants etc.

We use industry proven methodology and processes in our development and implementation of the ERP solution. We actively engage our client stakeholders in getting requirements clarified and show progress using demonstrations. We are especially good at providing solutions to most vexing problems that the clients encounter in running their business. We typically follow the methodology for implementing the ERP.

Adempiere ERP Advantages

Vendor independence:

 Works on multiple application servers, database servers and operating systems.

Customizability and Extensibility:

 Highly customizable and extensible functionality that compares well with commercial ERP offerings.


  Free of product or user licenses as governed by GNU license.

Compiere offers that same benefits of open source ERP implementation as Adempiere

Adempiere and Compiere are based on Java / J2EE technology and work on Oracle as well as the popular open source database PostgreSQL.

Please contact us at erp@buddhisoftware.com if you wish to implement an ERP solution for your organization.
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